Fertilizer is  to maximize field value while reduce costs and most importantly – Promote environmental awareness.

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Our fertilizers designed  to provide the farmer the best achievements, the most efficient treatment for each crop, preventing soil contamination and also saving money.

The Fertilizers we have: 

Solimix Aviv

Premium fertilizer, produced especially for Chlorine sensitive crops.

Description: Water-soluble N-P-K fertilizer.

Water Solubility: high.
Supply:2 / 25 kg bag.
Recommended Application: via the irrigation system or by dispersion. 
Especially Recommended for: vegetables,
Trace Elements:
Iron (Fe) 1000
Manganese (Mn) 500
Zinc (Zn) 240
Copper (Cu) 150
Molybdenum (Mo) 60


HomiGreen Barak

Nutrient supplement | improves minerals absorption while enriching the soil with natural organic matter.

Contains Humic and Fulvic acid extract (at least 15%), enriched with 3% K2O.  
Humic and Fulvic acids are organic molecules which improve the absorption of nutrients in the soil and in hydroponic crops. These molecules bond with the essential mineral ions, using a kind of “claw” that grasps them so they are not locked in the soil, while at the same time keeping them accessible for plants upon need.

Description: dark brown solution.
Water Solubility: high.
Supply: 10L Jerrycan .
Recommended Application: Direct injection into the irrigation system or direct 
Recommended Use: Dilute in water before use (1:4). At least 10L/ha (1 liter/dunam), three repetitions during the stages of growth, at six-week intervals.
For optimal results, it is recommended to apply Kinneret Iron (Fe), right after the use of Homigreen Barak, within 24 hours.
Sutibble for: all crops, all year round.
Density: 1.10 (±0.03) in 25°C.
pH: 11 (±1).

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