A Project in development

The fashion industry is full of harmful materials, and in the same breath, the agricultural industry creates an amount of biological waste that isn’t used. We aim to solve these 2 problems with 1 solution. Taking the agricultural waste and creating textiles for the fashion industry that are clean, responsible and reliable. We are a mother-daughter team coming from the worlds of agriculture and fashion. Ela, creating agricultural projects in Africa for 20 years, and Bar a fashion designer based in Paris living in the heart of the fashion industry. Together we join both worlds, to make a connection and build a bridge working towards a better and more responsible future.

The Project

  • Creating a circular economy in the Mwinilunga district
  • Connecting with local pineapple growers, supporting them with knowledge and equipment to maximize the yield
  • Working in parallel with the IDC fruit processing plant to recover the leaves and transform them into fibers
  • Connecting with Zambian weavers and textile manufacturers to create fabrics from the fibers
  • Blending the pineapple with other locally grown fibers to create a wider range of fabrics 
  • Marketing and exporting the final products to European/Asian/Local markets

Key goals

  • Creating new jobs and sources of income for the local community
  • Working together with the textile knowledge and production already existing in Zambia
  • Zero waste management, ecological and social responsibility

Responsibility beautiful

Responsibility beautiful B.nop is the art of simplicity, responsibility, humanity, and connection to our soil. A full chain, from plant to pocket. Using local and monitored pineapple leaves, extracting the fibers, weaving dreams, and creating timeless designs for every day and everyone. Welcome to our universe, we hope you stay.

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